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Rica Saceda

How to Get your Photos Featured on Divine Lash Co!

September 08, 2016 2 Comments

Hello Lash Lovers!

Some of you may have been wondering how you can get your photos featured on our social media and we're here to tell you how. The truth is it's actually quite simple! Here are three easy tips to increase the chances of your photos being featured!



Be sure your photos are clear, up close, and the lashes are clearly visible. Often times we see the most beautiful photos from our customers that we'd love to share, however if the product isn't clearly visible in the photo it kinda defeats the purpose of posting the photo since the overall goal is to showcase the product to help give customers an idea of how each style may or may not look on them. With that said, we especially love up close shots that really showcase the product. (wink wink).

Here are some examples of photos where our lashes are clearly visible. 




A great tip to capturing the perfect shot of you in your Divine lashes is to take your photos in the proper lighting. Using a ring light, natural lighting, or just standing in front of an open window with sunlight shining in is really helpful in taking the perfect photo. Here are a few examples of photos taken in great lighting. 

 Lael Mitchell Yarisbeth Donaldson Dovah Kitten



Another huge tip is you also want to be sure to tag us in the caption of your photo as well as the photo itself along with the name of the lash you are wearing so that we can share that information with our followers and potential customers who may also be interested in the lash you are wearing. If you do not know or remember the name of your lash you can contact us at anytime and we will be more than happy to assist you in figuring out the name of your lash. Here's an example of what a proper photo tag should look like..

Divine Lash Co. photo tag


If your photo doesn't get featured, don't panic, just snap another photo and try again as it is highly likely that your photo was just taken at an angle in which the lashes couldn't be seen very well.

There you have it. Quick and easy tips on how to get your photos featured! Don't forget to use our hashtag #DivineLashCo and #DivineLashes so that we can see your lovely photos!

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April 16, 2020

This was so helpful in general!


December 01, 2017

This was so helpful. I’m going to try this. xx

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